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Teaching an old body new tricks... Rock Climb cont.

February 20, 2008 - 10:13 PM

When friends invited us to go rock climbing with them I thought, "Cool! I have always wanted to try that!" And in my mind, I envisioned an indoor fake wall with brightly colored, large hand holds and ropes. Or an outside one, with the same large holds for both hands and feet and ropes. And in my mind, I envisioned my childhood days of climbing up trees to their highest points and not thinking anything about it. And in my mind, it was effortless.

I then watched a rock climbing video and started paying attention to our rock climbing friends and I soon learned it was not exactly what I envisioned.

I learned that rock climbing is not only (though it really is with some problems) about muscle or flexibility but also a lot about experience that makes one have the ability to think through the different problems and solve them quickly in order to use less energy and strength so that when problems arrive that require the former, one is ready. I was also learning about 2 kinds of rock climbing: bouldering (gymnastics on rocks) and sport climbing (ropes and such).

Because I knew nothing about the logistics or skill behind these sports and we were going on this trip I wanted to do what I could to be in the best prepared position (taking into consideration that I am a wife/homeschool mama/bookkeeper/etc and have only moments of free time). My real (and only) bright idea was to get my muscles in shape so it would be easier to learn the thought needed.

I don't know how your muscles are, but mine have never been actually been tested or toned in all my 30+ years of life. The closet thing to actual weight lifting I did was in high school during early bird PE and just lifting weights whenever the teacher entered the room. And, the only actual sport/athletic thing this old body has ever done was 6th grade basketball. Needless-to-say, even though I love Richard and my Nordic, I did not think their cardio workouts were not going to meet my need.

I then enlisted the help of my good friend and personal trainer in training to help me in this task. My expectations were fairly low for myself but I wanted to give it a hardy shot. We would meet once a week where she'd show me and we'd do the week's work-out and then I would get up at o-dark-thirty twice more that week doing the same thing. And honestly, don't tell anyone, I have grown to enjoy it... a lot.

Last weekend, I got to see if it helped or not. As said, we went to HCR and did a little bouldering and 2 rope climbs. I have not yet learned the "sit-start" in bouldering and am still learning to hold onto odd/small holds and found myself where I could start with a particular hold but I had to jump for it. (Which is called to "dyno," and most do this while on a climb and sometimes people do it from ground when required on a route. I was, however, doing it on a route that had a sit start.)

Then while starting my first ever rope climb, it began on a rock that was cantilevered at least 4'+ up from the nearest stepping stone/ground. (Again, for a normal climber they could push up with their palm or grab a smaller piece of rock, and they would have found a way to use more leg strength than arm strength, and done it much more fluid than I. But I am not that normal yet, I am awkward and very novice.) I knew with what strength I had gained I still needed a more secure hold. I reasoned I could jump up to a bigger hold and pull up my foot afterwards, another dyno, Dana style.

The trick worked and I made it up the hardest part but I tell you what... it was much thanks to my friend who was patient enough with me to teach me how to lift weights, wow! How much that helped!

In the end, we all had our nicknames... I was Dyno, we had a Sit Start, a Hot Pants and a Burley Man. All names just as wonderful as the names of the rock climbing routes, like Trouser Chili, memorable and priceless.

Oh... and would I do any

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