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Da, da, da-da-da... Phenomenon (of Free Cars)

December 19, 2007 - 10:19 AM

Maybe this is not a strange as I think it is... in the last 10 years we have received 3 free cars... AND now we are about to receive, for free, our 4th vehicle... is this normal?

True, we are not being given brand new cars that last forever but they have all been great working cars that we have subsequently taken to their grave and then for some reason, others want our near death vehicles and we have given away 3 cars to other people and they attempt to resuscitate them. (True, we "sell" them for 2 lattes, so they aren't technically "free" but hey.)

The camry, we gave to a couple, and it worked for a while then went really bad and they gave it to a nephew who is tearing it apart for fun. The Ranger Truck had a busted head gasket and was in Ames last time we heard, maybe at the junkyard now? The Lincoln is alive and kickin' it here in IC being used by tons of people in need of wheels. (She wasn't so bad I guess.)

So what of this new vehicle?

My sister Leah was given it to use while she is in the states next month and then told to keep it and she is giving it to us. We are trying to secure transport for it from MN and title and insurance, so if that all works it will be here soon.

So what is this new vehicle?

A minivan.

I know, I know... commence with the soccer mom* jokes. Yes, I am the person who has cursed them since we started having kids. Yes, I am the person who proudly toted my very large cars around as a very viable alternative to the minivan. Yes, I can see the logic behind them. Yes, I know many people who have them and love them. Yes, I know you will get used to it and then appreciate it. Yes, I know, I know... but I also know a couple other things...

1. It is free
2. It is a blessing

A free car is a blessing no matter what type or shape or color or style.

I was talking to a friend who had bought a minivan a while ago. I realized talking to her that, yes, all those great things mentioned above about minivans are true but that I was completely content driving the Buick. I was, and am, so thankful for the Buick because she is a great car and is big enough to fit all 3 kids comfortably and since she was free not only does that mean we don't have car payments, we don't have high insurance or taxes or anything. She is truly a blessing to our finances for sure. And I, at the time said something to the effect of, "If someone gave us a minivan, I would drive it happily." Not because it was a minivan but because it was a blessing and since, at the time, no one was offering us a free minivan, it was for the better that I despised them so, why covet?

Here we are on the verge of getting a free minivan... Truth be told, even my cold-hearted, anit-minivan heart is softened and humbled by this wonderful free gift to us. Another friend said that I would not be able to avoid being placed in the soccer mom category. That is still a hard one to swallow. BUT, the thing that overcomes any bad thoughts is thankfulness for God's provision.

God's provision sometimes comes in the form of high paying jobs, but sometimes it is in other forms... free cars, food on the table, food ever, clothes on your back, clean clothes on your back, kids, healthy kids, safe childbirths, hands that work, one good hand that works, family who love you, anyone who loves you, your health - no matter what its ailments, heat in a house, heat in a car, a house, a roof over your head, a car, a car that works with little to no maintenance, gas for the car... job to pay for the gas, any job - good or bad... Who knows, maybe it will die before we even get it, but it still was a blessing to even think that God can provide us with something, anything, a new car, from anywhere.

BUT even if you don't have ANY of those things mentioned above, the one und

Response to Da, da, da-da-da... Phenomenon (of Free Cars)

  • Tony said on December 19, 2007 - 11:36 AM

    We might be able to transport it to IC for ya! We've been wanting to make a trip to IC to see everyone, and this might just be a nice way to do it. When are you looking for transport?

  • Dana said on December 19, 2007 - 12:00 PM

    Really? Great! But, the crazy thing is there is a limited window for it... either only on the AM of 27th of December or anytime after January 1st but before January 9th? That is the hard part we are finding to secure the transport due to those specifications. If any of those work for you guys that would be awesome (but at the same time, we are realizing this may be a bit harder than we think, :)!)!

  • Amanda said on December 19, 2007 - 12:26 PM

    Just out of curiosity....what exactly is it that is so frightening about being considered a "soccer mom"? I mean, what is a soccer mom? A mother of multiple active children, who spends a majority of her time supporting and encouraging her children in what they are doing? And then drives around in a minivan? I mean, honestly, is there a bad part of soccer moms that I forgot to mention?

  • Dana said on December 19, 2007 - 12:42 PM

    You are very correct Amanda! I am definitely using a very bad stereotype there. I know a lot of moms whose kids are in soccer and they are definitely wonderful moms and kids! There is nothing wrong at all with being a soccer mom! However, I think there are also a lot of past negative stereotypes that are associated with that persona that are a direct result of my age group (Gen X) and the effect of minivans and soccer and other ideas that though they are not true today, were true back when I was forming opinions of how life will be played out one day... I guess I can't explain it.

  • Rob said on December 19, 2007 - 1:17 PM

    Dana, Just remember to bring the orange slices after soccer practice...:) (Sorry...I had to get my joke in...:) )

  • Tony said on December 19, 2007 - 2:06 PM

    Dana, we'll be leaving MN on the 25th, going to my Mom's in IA, going to Faithwalkers, and then returning to MN on the 1st. Our car is currently in the shop, and may not be done before Christmas, so we're currently planning on renting a car for the trip. If there's any possibility of Leah letting us take the van on the 25th, then we can drop it off in IA City on our way back to MN -- we'd then only have to rent a car for the trip from IA City to Mpls. If that works for you, then it'd also work for us! Amanda, I think that the negative associations with being a "soccer mom" have to do with the mom either: 1) Screams and yells angrily at the soccer match, vicariously achieving victory in life through a kid who wants no part of it. 2) Doesn't teach children to value time and that of the family, and so ends up doing nothing but chauffeurring children from activity to activity. 3) Stops participating in any activity outside of taking care of her family -- consequently ignoring God's command to love and care for the world around -- let alone teaching her children to do this as well.

  • Sarah said on December 19, 2007 - 3:16 PM

    Dana, I feel for you and the mnivan conversion. Believe me, I feel for you! Here were my feelings on the change from car to van:

  • Dana said on December 19, 2007 - 6:28 PM

    That would be great Tony BUT the guy who has the van will be out of town until the 27th, leaving tomorrow. Unless we could find out if he and you were available tonight? I will have to wait until Josh is home but I will keep you posted! Thanks for your words of encouragement Sarah!

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