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"Home is where the heart is..." corny but true.

June 18, 2007 - 10:19 AM

I think the standard in today's society is that people don't live in the same place for long. Whether it is moving into a new home in the same city or changing cities all together, people move a lot.

In previous generations, it was not so. Long ago, most people grew up on the family farm that their parents grew up on. They worked the land their grandparents did, and took it on as their own to raise their families on. Or, if they were in the city, parents bought a good house and kept it for their child's entire lifetime.

I think part of this is tied into today's job styles as well. In the past people would get that solid job with a good pension and work there for life, work hard for the gold watch. The job market is changed in 2007. Thanks to our global economy, people can switch jobs quickly and often until they find their niche. And this involves not only moving jobs but also locations as is necessary, making the changing of homes a frequent thing as well. I must say, not that there is anything wrong with that, just point of information.

But even with the logic of old of keeping a farm / house for a long time, there always come a point when people move. Sometimes it is straight into the nursing home, sometimes it is to a warmer climate, sometimes it is to a moving home on wheels. At some point they all move.

Today, my parents are moving from my childhood home. They have lived there 27 years. That is a lot of years. My emotions over this are high. I am excited to no end for my parents and their brand new home at the conservation park, what an amazing opportunity! But, I am an attachment kid of girl about some thing, I have definitely grown in this area (I no longer keep trash for mementos) but this is my childhood home, I can't help but feel saddened.

So many memories...

Like how the day we moved in we had to kill a plethora of snakes that had made their home in our backyard. Like how my parents gave us three girls the master bedroom and they took a smaller bedroom. Like how it had blue shag carpet. Like how the laundry chute was always a perfect place to play. Like how the basement always flooded when it rained. Like how the crickets would hide under the basement wall base. Like how we would all fight over the basement bedroom. Like how dad built us a tire-swing and tree fort in the big weeping willow tree. Like how we all had built in friends our own age on our block. Like how Dad kept building onto the back deck. Like how we were never allowed to use the front door. Like how you always had to bend to look under the cabinets in the kitchen. Like how tall people would always hit their head on the vent above the back door. Like how we used to play in the shed with Dad's old lumber scrapes. Like how we would walk to the creek and play all summer day long. Like how the neighbor dog up the street scratched my sister's back. Like how Laverne would give us each 3 pieces of candy whenever we stopped by. Like how we found stray kittens with nasty eye fungus and wanted to keep them as pets. Like how the night Mr. Moon died and the ambulance came. Like how Mr. Kulbeta(sp) would let us swim in his pool. Like how we would play outside saying in our loudest voices, "It is SO hot out here! I wish there was some way to cool off!" as a way to get him to invite us over. Like how Mr. McDougal had skunks living under his deck. Like how the Border's daughter in law died at a young age of breast cancer. Like how the driveway always took forever to shovel. Like how the trees always took forever to rake. Like how we could never eat in the living room. Like how we could roller skate and skateboard in the basement. Like how the playroom had orange shag carpet. Like how the day the old weeping willow fell over in the storm. Like how the day we all built the new shed. Like how Dad started slowly doing the things

Response to Home is where the heart is..." corny but true.

  • leah your sister leah said on June 25, 2007 - 1:57 AM

    Like how we played "apartments" in the upstairs bedrooms, like how we had to share jogurts, like how the Newberrys had cable and MTV, like how we played statues, eggs, mother may I, red light green light in our front yard, like Robby and Tommy's Mattel car track under that one tree we never climbed, like watching the Sound of Music every year... I love you Danie. Maybe one day Zeke and Max and Miriam will make a similar list, like about the tornado and the garden and Yuki and...

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