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Note to Self: Lawn Care & Appearance

July 19, 2007 - 7:47 AM

When you are finally having a good hair day with your new bangs & hair cut AND you are dressed in a cute top, belt and jeans... do not, and I repeat DO NOT decide then to go outside in the nasty, humid, hot, sticky outside and proceed to weed wack the forest that is your retaining walls AND clean out the leaves from the window wells AND weed whack all around the whole house AND bag up all the clipping, leaves, weeds, etc.

Have you forgotten your genetic makeup? Do you not remember that you sweat like a pig?

Have you forgotten how sweat does not just form on one's forehead and arms, but also all over one's body when you are really, really, working hard in the really, really humid weather and by the time the 3 hours is done you will be covered in a nasty layer of sweaty wetness making your outfit have no choice but to head for the laundry?

I know what you were thinking... the boys are playing so nice in the backyard, Miriam is sleeping, is it finally not raining, the grass and weeds around the house are over 2 feet tall... but really, really woman... go inside and at least change first!

Yes, I am proud of you for wearing protective eye gear that did keep that staple from getting lodged in your eye and instead just lodged in your once-cute-hair. Yes, I am proud of you that even though they were your only pair of nice jeans, that you were wearing jeans to protect your legs from all the other sharp objects of massive thistle weeds and trash leftover from roofing that came flailing about as you weed whacked areas that have not been weed whacked in over a year.

Was it really worth it?

I know you, you are saying "yes" with a big smile aren't you? You loved every hot and sweaty moment of it! You are so happy the forest is gone, you don't care about the hair. You are so glad to have cleaned out the window wells because in the process you found 2 dead moles that have been reeking havoc on your yard you don't mind the stains on your only nice pair of jeans. You are so happy the 3" diameter tree is gone from the window well you don't mind that by that after taking a shower you did not look as cute as earlier.

But I know the best unintended result you enjoyed?

The fact that you drank SO much yummy homemade iced coffee during the day that WOMAN you needed a good 3 hour work out to burn off the hundreds of calories! What were you thinking there? Let this be a little mini-note-to-self to you... don't make a batch of iced coffee and proceed to drink nearly the entire thing UNLESS you have looked at the calorie content first. Thankfully, you had a yard to clean today... you may not be so lucky next time and have to... gasp... run or something!

Response to Note to Self: Lawn Care & Appearance

  • Blakely said on July 19, 2007 - 3:58 PM

    We've been painting basically every room in the house in the past few weeks. I never think to put on clothes that already have paint on them, and I'm a very messy painter, so I now have several paint covered outfits. I'm happy for you that you have a pretty lawn now!!

  • Dana said on July 19, 2007 - 5:38 PM

    You have to start posting pictures of your house!! I keep going to your blog hoping to see the remodeled kitchen! I am so excited for you guys!

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